Shows and Collections

One Man Shows: 1948 and 1949 Hong Kong; 1953 – Perth Gallery of Art, Perth, Western Australia; 1954 – Hong Kong; 1955 – British Council, Hong Kong; 1955 – Van Diemen Lilienfeld Gallery, New York; 1956 – British Council, Hong Kong; 1959 – Parvin Gallery, Los Angeles; 1960 – Arnold Finkel Gallery, Philadelphia; 1961 – Drian Galleries, London; 1963 – City Museum & Art Gallery, Hong Kong; 1966 – Sally Jackson Gallery, Hong Kong; 1968 – Finkel Gallery, Philadelphia; 1969 – Luz Gallery, Manila; 1970/71 – City Museum & Art Gallery, Hong Kong; 1973 – Hintlesham Festival, Suffolk, England.

Group Shows: 1949 through 1957 Spring Shows of “Hong Kong Artists”;1959/60 – Hong Kong Festival of Arts; 1962 – Hong Kong Art Today, City Museum & Art Gallery; 1962 – Represented Hong Kong at the opening exhibition of Commonwealth and United Kingdom Artists at The Commonwealth Institute, London; 1962 – Represented Hong Kong at The First International Art Exhibition, Saigon, Vietnam (Awarded the Bronze Medal, 2nd Prize); 1967 – “Music & Fine Arts in Hong Kong” – City Museum & Art Gallery; 1971 – Hong Kong Art Today – London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Bristol; 1971 – Represented Hong Kong at the Triennale, India.

Public Works: 1963 – Mural, Lobby, Hilton Hotel, Hong Kong; Mural – Ceramic Tile, Swimming Pool Surround, Hong Kong Hotel.

Collections, Public: Kansas City Museum; Museum of Modern Art Australia; City Museum & Art Gallery, Hong Kong; Olivetti Collection.

Collections, Private: Peggy Guggenheim, Venice; Comtesse De Toulouse-Lautrec, Paris; Mrs Herbert Morris – Philadelphia; Lilly Dachè – New York; Justin Dart – Los Angeles; Mario Penteado – San Paulo, Brazil; A Parvin, Los Angeles; Ragian Squire, London; Christopher Kininmonth, Bucks, England; Mario Prodan, Rome; Joseph Glickstein, Florida; Morton Spector, Philadelphia; Edmund Blunden, Kent, England; Madame Fouillard, Geneva; Run Run Shaw, Lipton Chaung, Oswald Cheung, George Bloch – Hong Kong; Hugh Gib – Mallorca, among others.


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