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A post by Siobhan Daiko about Douglas Bland’s house and studio in Italy.

Siobhan Daiko

People often ask me, ‘How did your family end up with a home in Italy?’ To cut a long story short, as they say, in 1962 my father Douglas Bland was given a commission to paint a mural for the lobby of the Hong Kong Hilton Hotel. He decided to invest the profit in a place for holidays and, eventually, his retirement. On a visit to Asolo that summer, with my mother, he fell in love with the town. Two years later, he and Mum found the right place: a 100 year-old farmhouse in need of restoration, situated on a hillside with fabulous views.



Restoration work started img446

And the first stage completed two years later img451

With the veranda added two years after that img452

This pic of the whole property was taken shortly after my father died in 1975


He never got to live his dream of retirement in Italy. A…

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